The store

Rouge was founded in 2000 as an offshoot of the historic shop “Cadore Woman”, for years a reference point for the clothing and the ceremony.
From 2013 gathers all the new collections in one big space, to widen the offer and respond to every request.
A special section is dedicated to the “alternative wife” with magical but unconventional proposals, for her special day.

Gruppo di lavoro del 1954


Teresa e Stefania, grown from childhood between house and shop, collect the baton from their parents, fabric merchants from the ’40s, and in 1985 , reorganize and expand the family business.


By a competent staff, there is a complete advice in terms of image: tips to enhance your own style, personalized proposals for all kinds of occasions, suggestions for new combinations of pieces already purchased.


Years of industry experience, form the basis for a deep knowledge of fabrics, of their characteristics and fit, so as to be able to advice the dress that best enhances each person.

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